It seemed like a good idea to do it yourself at the time of planning the wedding  but if you just need a little hand we have menus available to take some of the pressure off.

If you require just canapes for after the ceremony  or salads to accompany the main meal you can book and buy online at our buy  direct online.



Selection of  continental meats, dips, crackers, cheese, olives, sunblush tomato
dips, relish, bread, fresh fruit.


Selection of breads with relish, hummus, pesto, olive oil & balsamic


Selection of cheeses, relish, dried apricots, sunblush tomatoes, crackers, seasonal fresh fruit


Gluten free crackers, bread, cheeses, dried apricots, sunblush tomato, pickled onions,
chorizo, smoked chicken, hummus, relish, pesto, fresh fruit, mixed nuts.


Gluten free, dairy free bread, crackers, hummus, relish, pickled onions, gherkins, marinated olives,
sunblush tomato, veggie sticks, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, rice paper rolls with sweet chilli sauce, roasted chickpeas


Tasty cheese, blue cheese, brie wedge, relish, pickled onions, devilled eggs, sliced ham, pate, crusty bread, whipped garlic butter


Classic club sandwich fingers; Baby croissants with ham, brie and cranberry,
Bite size flutes with chicken, cream cheese and mango chutney: Flat bread with pesto, sunblush tomato, feta cheese and greens


Sushi with smoked salmon and cream cheese; NZ Mussels with sweet chilli sauce ; Hot smoked salmon cocktail wraps wit horseradish cream; King prawn skewers


Corn chips, Potato chips, Pretzels, chilli roasted peanuts, NZ kiwi onion dip, salsa, pesto hummus


Chocolate dipped profiteroles with whipped cream; Fresh mini fruit kebabs;
Bite size chocolate cherry slice; Banoffi shots with banana; Lemon cream tartlets

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Rehearsal dinners the night before the wedding is a great opportunity to have a very informal evening meal together with the new families, friends and long haul travel guests that have arrived to be part of the big day.

Menus are created to be completely different from your big day and you can choose from Elegant, Classic, Basic, Retro  styles  to complement your wedding day.

Rehearsal Dinners
While it may feel extravagant to have a rehearsal dinner, our experience  is this is the most wonderful evening as the couple really are on a natural high with excitment and  expectation of what the next day has to offer……….at this point we are all praying for good weather!  Create the menu to suit your vision and you can either have it fully serviced or DIY or drop off ready to cook bbq…………..(the  men  folk really like to show off in front of the BBQ).

Menu available – Basic/ Gourmet BBQ, Finger food Platters, Ready to serve hot meats and salads.

Post Wedding Brunch
You will hardly believe that your feet has touched the ground in the last 48 hours, the last thing you want to do or  ask the parents to do is to prepare a brunch to say goodbye to all your wedding party guests.   We have the perfect solution with our hot and hearty grilled brunch menu, Finger  food platters, Platters,  or hot meats with salads ready to serve.

Menu available – Brunch finger food platters, Fully serviced cooked on site hot brunches, luncheon style catering.

Minimum 20 pax


Ready to serve Canapes are designed to be circulated around your guests with a drink in the other hand. Canapes are ready to serve. Presented on our black disposable trays

Smoked salmon, citrus cream on blinis with pink peppercorns
Peppered roast beef, horseradish cream , rocket pesto, on crostini
Smoked Chicken, apple, walnut waldorf  tartlets
Sweet chili king prawns, mango chutney, in cocktail cases
Crostini, cheese, pesto and sun blush tomato


Salads packaged in our brown boxes. Minimum 20 pax 

Thai noodle salad with sesame and coriander dressing
Chickpea and roasted vegetable and bulghar with citrus dressing
Penne pasta , pesto, sun blush tomato and rocket
Tossed green salad summer salad with boiled eggs, creamy dressing on side



Delivered on our black disposable trays. Minimum 20 pax 

Lemon cream tartlets with blueberries
Mini fresh fruit skewers
Chocolate and walnut brownies


Beef, red wine and thyme pies (H)*
Cocktail wraps with a variety of fillings
Fig, fennel pork sausage rolls (H)

Baby beef burgers with roasted capsicum and apricot relish (h)*
Mini hot dog with American mustard (h)*
BBQ chicken nibbles (H)*
Bacon, egg and pesto bites (can be served room or hot)
Club sandwiches with a variety of fillings
Baby croissant with ham, brie and cranberry

 Beef, red wine and thyme pies (H)*
Individual quiche with brie and onion marmalade; Pesto and sunblush tomato
Smoked salmon, citrus cream on blinis
Sage and onion sausage rolls (H)*
Mini crusty rolls with smoked chicken, walnut and apple

Club sandwiches with a variety of fillings
Baby croissants with ham, brie and cranberry
Beef, red wine and thyme pies
Sage and onion sausage rolls