If you have been asked to organise an event you’ll have a lot to think about. Here are some tips for the catering to help make the experience a great one and to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Venue and number of guests

Consider the number of guests you have – does your venue have enough space and does it have the right catering space to suit your event? If you are planning a sit down lunch, there needs to be space for tables and chairs whereas you could make do with less space for a drinks reception.

Serving style

Think about what serving style will work best with the type of event you are organising. A sit-down breakfast or evening drinks and canapés or finger foods work well for networking sessions and cocktail parties.

Buffets are also a good option at socialising-type events, encouraging people to get up and mingle, but best avoided for events with speakers and presentations where the movement would be distracting.

If you are planning a full day’s workshop, providing morning and afternoon tea catering are essential to break the day up and keep everyone’s energy high.

Cater for all tastes

Choose a catering company who can help you create a personalised menu with a range of food and drink options to keep everyone happy. From roasted sirloin to thai noodle salad and lemon cream tartlets, a great caterer will add some flair to your occasion.

Dietary requirements

Make note of any dietary requirements. If you’re sending out invitations to the event, include a question about food preferences. Pass on the details to your event caterers to ensure you provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free catering options if your guests require them and make sure everyone’s dietary needs are catered for.