These  additional sample menus give you some inspiration of  other  styles of catering you may want for your big day giving you options for different courses.

Canapes circulated around guests after the ceremony. Main course buffet where guests pick and choose what they like.


Parmesan shortbread, pesto, cheese, and  sun blush tomato
Beef, red wine and thyme pies (H)
Smoked salmon with citrus cream on blinis with dill and lemon
Smoked chicken, toasted walnut, apple Waldorf tartlets
Spicy chorizo bites wrapped in puff pastry  (H)


Hand carved champagne ham with sherry, dijon mustard and honey glaze
Roast sirloin beef  with horseradish cream

King prawn skewers with sweet chili and mango sauce
Lemon and thyme chicken tenderloin skewer with lemon herb butter

Fresh bakery bread, rolls  and butter
Cranberry sauce, mustard and horseradish cream condiments

Hot gourmet potatoes with hollandaise sauce and loads of fresh herbs

Crisp tossed green salad with salad vegetables French vinaigrette
Mediterranean pasta salad with shredded salami, red onion, peppers, black olives and pesto dressing  with shaved parmesan
Israeli cous cous with roasted vegetable, baby spinach  and cumin lemon dressing
Thai noodle salad with Julienne vegetables and coriander sesame dressing

(Own Wedding cake)
Seasonal fresh fruit platter

Contact us  for a no obligation meeting at the Lemongrass HQ kitchen and sample some canapes.


Smoked chicken, walnut and apple tartlets
Seared dukha crusted Lamb fillet with hummus and sticky sweet chili sauce  (H)
American kransky hot dogs (H)
Baby beef sliders with onion marmalade, rocket (H)
Thai pork  balls with Yellow Thai coconut dressing on spoons (H)

Selection of breads and dips for table
Fresh bakery bread rolls and butter

Platters served to middle of table 
Dry rub marinated Scotch fillet steaks with summer vegetable stir fry
Marinated lemon and herb chicken with roasted vegetable buglar wheat salad and pesto dressing

Raw summer salad with shredded beetroot, carrots, spouts, and salad greens, zingy poppy seed and raspberry dressing

Gourmet potato salad with asparagus spears* fresh herb and coarse grain mustard  and honey dressing

(Own Wedding Cake)


Add Desserts
Bite size lemon cream tartlets with blueberries
Banoffi shots
Chocolate and  whiskey prune brownies


Want to see our full menu  Mix and Match family Style menu ??

 Contact us now and we will send you our NEW for 2018/2019 Wedding season  family style menu.



Mum’s roast chicken and veggie tartlets
Grilled kransky sausages in rolls with Tui-mato sauce
Green lip mussels in half shell with flat leaf parsley and lemon dressing
Baby beef burgers with beetroot chutney  or cheese and pineapple
Fish n chips – Potato cakes, grilled fish and homemade tartare sauce

Platters for the  table

Only in NZ! –  The  kiwi onion dip with salted roasted dipping baby potatoes
Garlic bread



Our slow cooked 7 hour pulled  lamb leg with dollops sour cream mint sauce
Whole roasted  lemon and sage stuffed chicken with stuffing balls
Warm soy and honey marinated roasted  fresh flaked  salmon  watercress salad

Bowls for the table

Baby potatoes with mint butter
Hot seasonal vegetables
Iceberg salad with shredded beetroot, carrot, cherry tomatoes, ranch dressing


Bite size – buffet , guests help themselves.
Fresh fruit platter
Mini lemon meringue tartlets
Lollie cake
Baby pavlovas with whipped cream, seasonal fruits

Love Laughter 45mm stickers

Ask us for our mix and match family style menu, design your own menu.

Plated Menu – Menu A


Smoked Salmon, citrus cream cheese on Blinis with pink peppercorns
Roast peppered beef with horseradish cream, rocket salsa on crostini
Mexican corn bread, with avocado cream and sun blush tomato
Smoked chicken, celery, apple Waldorf tartlets

Starter – 50/50 alternative

Brie, onion marmalade tart with prosciutto drizzled with horopito avocado oil.

Lamb and goat cheese terrine with fig relish

 Main – 50/50 alternative

Roasted chicken breast with apricot and macadiam stuffing with a coconut spinach cream sauce

Roasted herb crusted sirloin with mushroom risotto ‘wellington’ finished with avocado oil and fresh herbs.

Served in bowls in middle of tables

Warm Gourmet potato salad with herb and lemon summer vinaigrette

Fresh green crisp summer salad with balsamic wholegrain mustard aioli  

Fresh bakery Bread roll on side plate with butter portion

Dessert – 50/50 alternative

Chocolate and ginger torte with soft whipped cream
Vanilla bean cheesecake with blueberry coulis

Plated Menu – Menu B


Mint cream with marinated feta on crostini with lime avocado oil
Baby beef burgers with pear and fig chutney and salad greens (H)
Lemon and pink peppercorn muffins with smoked salmon and herb cream cheese
Herbed pork balls with apple compote in pastry cups with fried sage

              Starter – 50/50 alternative drop

Baked Brie and caramalized  onion marmalade tart with Italian  prosciutto  and micro greens

Beef Carpaccio with rocket salad,  shaved parmesan, capers and orange oil dressing

Main course – 50/50 alternative drop

Seared fillet beef with roasted basil tomatoes  and goats cheese dressing, water cress and sliced radish

Smoked paprika and herb dusted Terakihi fillet with Lemon and wine white risotto cake and herbed hollandaise sauce

Served in bowls in middle of tables

Gourmet potatoes with butter and loads of fresh herbs

Fresh green crisp summer salad with balsamic whole grain mustard aioli  

Bread roll on side plate with butter portion

Dessert – 50/50 alternative drop

 Cookies and cream cheesecake with chocolate sauce and toasted almonds

Warm chocolate and walnut  brownies with raspberry coulis and thick Greek yoghurt



All Lemongrass Menus can be designed to suit

Contact us to discuss you wedding menus at the Lemongrass HQ kitchen

Your wedding, is our reputation……………so you know its going to be good!

Refer to Time Line for this style of service

Prawn cocktail on spoons
Roasted red pepper mousse with prosciutto in filo cases
Parmesan shortbread, sun blush tomato, pesto  and cheese

Entrée – Platters to be shared between guests in middle of tables

Apricot, spring onion, walnuts cream cheese ball rolled in loads of fresh herbs
Garlic butter
Selection of continental meats
Marinated Olives
Sun blush tomatoes and marinated feta
French bread and crackers

Main Course – buffet

Roasted Scotch Fillet  with  roasted capsicum and tomato salsa
Lemon and Oregano chicken tenderloins with pesto dressing
Spiced King prawns skewer with yoghurt and cucumber drizzle

Gourmet potatoes with lemon herb butter

Chickpea tabouli salad  with toasted cashews, parsley lemon tomato dressing
Caesar style salad with boiled eggs, shaved parmesan  croutons and creamy Caesar  dressing
Vietnamese noodle salad with  roasted peanuts, fried shallot loads of herbs and lime mint dressing
Brown rice and barley salad with summer vegetables and tahini dressing
Diced beetroot and  feta with  fresh baby  rocket

(Wedding cake)
Seasonal Fresh fruit platter


Not sure on those salads………….tell us  what you like and we will create!

Canapés are circulated by staff after the ceremony.
Entrée Platters  served in middle of tables for guests to share with speeches
Main course – family service with bowls of salads for table
Dessert – Plated served to table


Mini beef burgers with beetroot relish
Fish  n chips- hash browns, fresh market fish, tartare sauce
Petit beef and cheese pies with tuimato sauce
Grilled kransky sausages in baby rolls  

Marinated Greenlipp mussels with sticky sweet chili sauce
Lamb and mint sauce sliders

Main Course
Roasted scotch fillet with garlic herb butter and sautéed mushrooms, nuggets of blue cheese and toasted almonds
Lemon and thyme chicken thighs with hot buttered cous cous 

Bowls for the table
Crisp green salad with condensed milk dressing with loads of toasted seeds
Roasted kumara and pumpkin, spinach salad with ‘Kiwi onion dip’  dressing and fresh herbs

Dessert- 50/50 alternative drop/plated
Individual New Zealand Pavlova with lashing of cream and fresh fruits
Lemon  and raspberry cheesecake


Pork belly with coconut and coriander
Black bean curry and yellow rice shot
Fresh pineapple with mint, chilli sugar
Prawn skewer with sticky sweet chilli and mango sauce

Jerk chicken sliders
Roasted peppers and peanut chilli dip with pita triangles
Ceviche in shot glasses

Main Course – Platters
Peppercorn and allspice Scotch fillet steaks with banana and date chutney
Jerk Salmon with fresh mango salsa

Bowls for table
Wild, red and white rice salad with roasted pumpkin
Tossed green salad with Caribbean salad dressing

Lime and coconut cheesecake with pineapple salsa


Crostini with walnut, cumin and red pepper hummus
Smashed broad bean, lemon, tahini and garlic with marinated feta
Spiced mince shots with Greek yoghurt
Grilled Halloumi topped with smoked red pepper relish
Lamb, cumin, parsley, and cinnamon meatballs with rich tomato sauce  on spoons


Rocket, pomegranate, radish, red onion salad with yoghurt dill dressing
Warm Pita bread  with za’tar
Garlic and lemon hummus
Marinated feta cheese

Main course
Dukka lamb Rumps with  spiced lentil salad and baby spinach
Marinated Chicken kebabs with tomato and feta tabbouleh

Bowls for table
Tossed green salad with honey, poppy seed  and raspberry dressing
Gourmet Potato salad with pickled cucumber, dill and capers dressing with toasted pumpkin seeds

Baklava with Greek yoghurt, honey thyme drizzle, pomegranates, and crushed pistachios


Suggested Time Line  for these style of menus

2.00 – 2.40 –  ceremony
3.00 –  3.30  – Group photo / family photos
3.30  – Bridal away for photos
3.30  – canapés
4.45 – Lemongrass to put platters on tables
5.00 – Mc to seat guests , Bridal party back from photos. Powder Room check !
5.15 –  Mc to announce the Brand New Mr and Mrs . Couple to cut cake
5.30 -6.00 – Speech x 1-2
6.00 – Lemongrass clearing platters from tables
6.15 –   Main course
7.00 – Lemongrass Clearing main plates and platters
7.15 – 8.00  Speeches
8.15 – Desserts
9.00 –  First dance

Canapes and Fork food menus are the ultimate in casual weddings. Guests mix and mingle, walk and talk  while canapes and fork food is circulated around your guests over a number of hours .
You are still able to  incorporate the formalities of cake cutting and speeches and the Grand entrance as the New Mr and Mrs and to be honest we really need this time for the guests……they cant keep eating with out a breather.
Canape and fork food menus are a  cost-effective choice for many weddings  as you don’t need crockery, cutlery, or formal seating  and  as the couple you get heaps of time to be with your guests.
All Lemongrass Catering Canapes and Fork food  menus they can be altered to suit.

As a quick time line
3pm – Ceremony
4pm –  5.30 pm – Canapes circulated
6.00 – Formalities – Cake cutting, Speeches
7.00 – 8.00 –  Fork food circulated around guests



Mini bolognaise pies (H)
Prosciutto wrapped rock melon
Chorizo and king prawn skewers with Italian tomato drizzle sauce (H)
Pumpkin and ricotta risotto spoons and shaved parmesan (H)
Smoked salmon with red pepper mousse on crostini
Peppered beef with horseradish cream, rocket salsa on pastry cases
Mini burgers with capsicum and apricot relish  in crisp baby rolls (H)
Parmesan shortbread, cheese, sun blush tomato and pesto


Braised beef in red wine with orange and rosemary with rigatoni pasta and gremolata
Lemon and oregano chicken tenderloins with antipasto cous  cous salad  with tahini dressing
Parmesan polenta with lamb rack lollipop and gremolata


Tiramisu in shot glasses
Chocolate cream tartlets
Caramel and cashew bites
(Wedding cake)



Ceviche served on spoons (marinated fish with lime and coconut, and coriander)
Mexican corn bread with paprika cream cheese with mango sweet chili king prawn
Smoked salmon with wasabi cream, toasted nori and sesame seeds
Fish n chips – baby hash brown with pan fried fish and homemade tartare sauce (H)
Chili con carne meatballs with guacamole sauce served in mini pastry cups (H)
Petit kiwi  cheese beef burgers
Fresh pineapple with lime, mint chilli sugar
Babaghanoush  with marinated lemon and oregano feta in pastry cups


Served in bamboo boats

King Prawn skewer with mango chili sauce,  Israeli cous cous  with sweet and sour cumin roasted carrots
Thyme and lemon chicken tenderloin with tzatziki sauce; orzo pasta, feta, parsley, cucumber and tomato salad


 Served in bamboo boats

Very rich warm chocolate and raspberry brownies with berry sauce and greek yoghurt



Mussel fritters with lemon aoili  dipping sauce (H)
Fish n chips – potato rosti,  seared scallop with herb dressing  (H)
Chicken caesar crostini
Seared Lamb fillet, lemon and garlic hummus, rocket pesto  (H)
Butter chicken meatball with curry sauce on spoons (H)
Feta and broad bean crush, proschutti on crostini
Pork belly, chorizo, and king prawn skewer (H)
Filo cup
Cococnut and herb cerviche  in shot glasses
Smoked salmon  moouse ice-cream cones


Posh fast fork food served in bamboo boats

Mini Scotch fillet steak and onion burgers with spicy relish, greens  on  fresh bakery ciabatta rolls
The ‘dog’  – Venision sausages with plum chutney, white bean puree, tortilla wrap with fresh rocket
Pulled BBQ pork with zingy apple red and white slaw

Contact us for a no-obligation meeting at the Lemongrass HQ Kitchen to talk about your day and sample some of our  canapes.

Your wedding, is our reputation………… you know its going to be good!

Find out about Canape and Fork food – contact us


Baby mince and cheese pies (H)
Fish n chips – Potato cake with fresh  fish and tartare sauce (H)
Better than Mitre 10 –  Mini grilled sausages in baby rolls with duo of sauces (H)
NZ onion dip with grilled baby potatoes – chips n dip
The Pineapple lump – Grilled pineapple and hallouim cheese skewer  with  savoury white chocolate dipping sauce


Salt and pepper sirloin steak
Marinated chicken tender skewer
King prawn skewer with sweet chilli dressing
Giant kransky cheese sausages

Tossed green salad with  shaved parmesan, soft boiled eggs dressing
Red and white coleslaw
Bacon and egg potato salad
Penne pasta salad with roasted vegetables and curry sauce
Rice salad with sweet corn, feta, red peppers, red onions, sunblush tomatoes

Fresh  bakery breads, rolls and butter


There can only be one !   NZ Pavlova  with lashings of cream and seasonal fruits

Contact us for more details

Kiwi Canapes and Burgers

Smoked salmon with citrus cream on blinis with pink peppercorns
Fish n chips – baby hash brown with pan fried fish and homemade tartar sauce (H)
Chilli con carne meatballs with guacamole sauce served in mini pastry cups (H)
Mini American hotdogs with relish (H)
King prawn and chorizo skewers (H)
Jerk chicken bites (H)
Mini Rendang Chicken curry pie (H)

Kiwi Burgers
Homemade beef  burgers

Crisp  burger  salad with tomato, cucumber, red onion and julienne carrots
Sliced pineapple and  beetroot
mayonnaise, Garlic aioli, tomato  sauce, mustard

Fresh bakery bread rolls.

Creamy  mint and poppy seed  coleslaw
Gourmet potato salad with loads of herbs and baby rocket

$43.00 per person   + staff
Staff – POA

(GF burgers and bread available $extra $2.00 per person)  

Canapes served from 4.15pm – 5.30pm .
Main course served at 6.15 pm

Gourmet Canapés and Burgers

Smoked salmon with citrus cream on blinis with pink peppercorns
Fish n chips – baby hash brown with pan fried fish and homemade tartar sauce (H)
Chilli con carne meatballs with guacamole sauce served in mini pastry cups (H)
Mini American hotdogs with relish (H)
King prawn and chorizo skewers (H)
Mini Rendang Chicken curry pie (H)

Gourmet Burgers 

Scotch fillet steaks on Ciabatta rolls
Jerk chicken fillet on sesame seed buns

Shredded lettuce, diced tomato, red onion, julienne carrot salad
Thick cut tomatoes drizzled with balsamic glaze, sprinkled with feta and garlic aioli
Ginger and garlic coleslaw with toasted sesame seeds
Gourmet potato salad with loads of fresh herbs
Thai noodle salad with crispy noddle and sesame, coriander dressing

$50.00 per person + Staff

Staff: POA
Price includes: GST

(G.F burgers and bread available extra $2.00 per person)  

Canapes served from 4.15 pm – 5.30pm .
Main course served at 6.15 pm


     American Style

BBQ pork belly  with apple slaw  on spoons
American kransky hot dogs with yellow mustard relish
Buttermilk grilled chicken with melted cheese in mini sugar doughnuts!
Mac n cheese shots
Warm Pizza bread fingers
Jerk chicken bites

Main course –Gourmet burger
Asian chicken burger with pickled cucumber and carrot and wasabi mayo
Traditional handmade beef burger with bourbon bbq sauce

All the trimmings
Shredded lettuce, diced tomato, red onion, julienne carrot salad

Served with a buttermilk and sour cream potato salad
Ginger and garlic coleslaw with toasted sesame seeds
Caesar salad with boiled eggs, shaved parmesan and creamy dressing
Kettle fries and corn chips

$50.00 per person + Staff
Staff  – POA
Price includes: 

 Add – Dessert – Bite size


Cola cake with cherry sauce and Greek yoghurt
Mini doughnuts
$58.00 per person  + staff

Canapes served from 4.15pm – 5.30pm .
Main course served at 6.30 pm



Dessert-Bite size desserts

Chocolate and caramel brownies
Lemon cream tartlets with blueberries
Fresh pineapple skewers with chili and mint sugar

Contact us for discuss your wedding at the Lemongrass HQ Kitchen

 Click here for our budget burger menu