Next to the bride the guests are sure to comment on three  things…………. How beautiful the Bride looks, how cute are the flower girls  and what they really thought of the food!

As your caterer you can rest assure that your day will run like clock work you will have great food, service and smiles from your guests.

During the time of us designing the perfect menu for you we will discuss your time line, the key people involved, your vision, and how you want your day to run.  We also understand that as the main planner of your wedding it is hard to let go on the day sometimes and put your faith into the hands of others.   This is where we come into our own.  With our experience Lemongrass Catering has in executing events we will ensure your special day will run faultlessly.


The menus on line, can they be altered?
Yes.  Think of them as a good starting point to work from.  We will design a menu with you if you can’t find something on the web site that fits with your day.  As  chefs, we are  constantly testing recipes and ideas and like to incorporate these new foodie ideas in menus.

Im in the middle of field with no power or water, can you cater ?
Yes we can. We adapt menus to suit our environment and facilities. Tell us all you details, and let us put together a perfect menu.

Can Lemongrass Cater for dietary requirements?
Yes, tell us your requirements and will  adapt the menu to suit those guests. We cater for Gluten Free/ Dairy Free/Vegetarian/Paleo/Diabetic.

Can we provide our own meats/Seafood?
Due to environmental Health regulations we are unable serve meats/seafood  that we have not personally stored, prepared  and cooked.

Where do you travel to?
Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Western bay of Plenty, Matamata,  Waikato

What time do you arrive?
Depending on your menu, the number of guests, and any special requirements that need to be meet. We arrive approximately 1-1 1/2 hours prior to canapés being served, set up, and provide you with great catering for the rest of the day .

What happens when you arrive?
Sometimes  we are  in places/venues that we have never been before, so  it’s ‘a quick lay of the land’, and we get down to setting up what is required.  In most cases, tables, bar and buffets are set prior to us arriving.
Our time line, provides us with time to set up, and for our clients to feel comfortable that we are there and taking over and not crashing and banging during the ceremony.

What happens with  hired crockery and cutlery?
We clear all crockery and cutlery. If there is a commercial dishwasher on site, we run them through. If no dishwasher, they are scraped cleaned and placed back in hire boxes.

How many staff are involved?
Depending on your guests numbers, menu style and venue, we will advise how many staff you will require. We do not understaff.

What  the staff do?
Chefs are cooking on site to provide, hot fresh food. Wearing chefs Whites. Front of house staff, take care of service, clearing of crockery/cutlery.  Front of House wear black shirts with Lemongrass Catering Logo, black aprons and black skirts/trousers. All staff are trained.

Do I need Bar staff?
 Even the most casual wedding do require bar staff if only to keep up with the very basics like washing and replenishing glasses and topping  up bottles.  Minimum of two bar staff  is usually adequate. We have contacts for professional bar staff. But you may want to arrange your own.

Top table service?
We really want to make you feel special on your big day let us serve you! If you are having a buffet menu, you have the choice of letting us serve top table with platters or coming up to the buffet, first of course.

Canapes for Bridal Party?
You will be busy having photographs  while your guests are enjoying canapés. We wont forget about you. On return we will have platters of canapés for the bridal party to take fifteen minutes peace, have a drink, powder your noses, before the MC introduces you for the first time as the brand new ‘Mr and Mrs’ to the wedding guests. If you would like to take canapes on your photo shoot, we will have these ready for you.

What do you need?
We bring any cooking equipment, like BBQ’s, but we do need the use of kitchen, if your menu requires  the use of an oven.  Domestic kitchen is suitable. We also need a water supply.  In some cases large ovens or other specified catering equipment  may need to be hired at clients expense, but generally all venues are geared up for caterers.

What works best with speeches and the cutting of the cake?
Weddings work at their best when they are working to a time line.  The best person for keeping to this is the MC (or another member of the wedding, not the Bride and Groom) for the event.  With our wedding experience we have found that the cutting of cake is best done before the main meal, especially if you are using it as part of the dessert.
We ask that speeches are done after the main meal, once Lemongrass Staff  have cleared the floor as we have much to do at this point.  Dessert will be ready to eat after the speeches.  It is also allows a bit of breathing space!

Time Line and Catering Styles?
Click through for some time lines and catering styles for you big day.

What about Crockery, cutlery ?
Most venues have crockery and cutlery provided, please check with your venue.  We can provide crockery and cutlery. Marquee events please organize this with your local hire company.  We  recommend Tauranga party Hire – Tauranga, Paramount Hire – Tauranga,  Andy’s party hire – Rotorua

What about Glassware, water jugs and ice buckets?
Please organize this with your local hire company.  We  recommend Tauranga party Hire – Tauranga, Paramount Hire – Tauranga ,  Andy’s party hire – Rotorua

Do you clean up?
Absolutely, part of our service is that if you have hired crockery and cutlery we will wash and put back in the hire boxes, ready for return the following day.    As we are generally using a kitchen area, this will be left how we found it.
What about the rubbish and recyclable material?
There is going to be a considerable amount of rubbish and empties.  Please remember to organize an area where this can be stacked.   You may  need  extra recycle and rubbish bins. Hire companies generally can supply this service.

Do you have travel expenses?
Local weddings and events  within the Tauranga area – no travel expense.  Out of Tauranga – Travel expenses are outlined in our quote.

What makes us different from any other catering company?
Flexiblity, consistencey and diversity! We provide a full serviced event or just a basic drop off ready to seve catererd meal . We arrive prior to the Wedding ceremony, giving you piece of mind that we are ready to start on time. Staff are trained…. and can  hold a conversation with guests!  We are highly organized and professional and able to adapt to a situation should something arise out of our control.  We carry a sewing kit and first aid kit for those minor emergency’s!   And possibly the most important thing about us is  our catering is very generous, we have never run out of food, nor will we run out of food ! We pride ourselves that all food is prepared fresh and we don’t use pre made frozen products. We love what we do, we do what we love.

Ive got a question?