lime and cranberry cakes


Chinese Duck and Lycee dressing






Congratulations  on your engagement and  welcome to Lemongrass Catering, where we can make your wedding day a great foodie success with menus designed to your  wedding vision and service to make the Mother in law proud!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in a couples life and Lemongrass Catering are renowned for providing something a little bit different.

Lemongrass Catering flexibility with  menus allows us to be creative………we give our couples creative choices with interesting menus, styles and international flavours.

All our menus online are samples and can all be altered. Our chefs keep up with the latest trends and food flavours, and we are extremely good with themed events.

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation meeting at the Lemongrass Headquarters to discuss some options.



Some Hints and tips for Brides when picking your caterer:

1. Like all caterers, all venues provide different services.  To help your caterer provide the best menu for your location and big day, it helps if you can tell the caterer where your wedding reception will be, as there may be kitchen facilities, kitchen fees to take into account.
2. Have a general time line to your big day. Particularly what time you are thinking of getting married. This helps the caterer to provide the best food and service for your vision.   Remember all good caterers will give you options to different styles of food to complement your day
3.Every couple have a wedding budget.  Tell your caterer what you wish to invest in the catering side.  Not only does it avoid disappointment when you see what they could have had but can’t afford.  But if also assist the caterer to get it closer to or within the budget. 
4.Have a great MC, or someone other than the immediate family to take care of the formalities of the day………..because at some point, you the bride, have to let it go and know you have done everything you can to make your  wedding  the best possible, and it comes down to  the supplies to do what they do best.  The MC is also the caterer’s friend as they can advise to any time delays they may occur during the day.
5. Speeches and time delays – Once the cooking starts, chefs can’t stop the process. Keep to your time line and you will have fabulous food, as it is meant to be.  Talk to your caterer about your time line and they will advise you the best case sernero for your speeches during the meal.
6.  Find out what type of services your caterers provide.  Do they set up, serve and go? Do they provide a full service? Do they cook on site? Do they provide the staff? Do they have bar staff?
7.  There are three things that people always comment on, how beautiful the Brides looks, how cute the flower girls are, and what they thought of the food.  Ask your caterer to provide some testimonials, verbal references even better, because in twenty years’ time you want your wedding day to be the best day of your life, not the day you had bad catering!
8.  Wedding cakes.  While family / friends take great delight in making and decorating your wedding cake, do remember……butter icing on the outside is NOT your friend in the middle of summer, it will melt!
9.  Weather…………there is nothing you can do about it!  Your wedding is not about the weather, it cannot ruin your day, it can only enhance your day!!
10.  Relax, enjoy, and savour the moment that you are going to be a Bride, and not a Bridezilla!!