We are pleased to announced that we are a preferred caterer on  ‘Kewpie Cruises’.  Check out this seasons menus.
If you have any dietary requirements, please advise and will create a menu to suit.

If you don’t see what you are wanting contact us and tell us your vision. Weddings, Parties, Corporate, High Tea.

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Finger Food Platters:

Minimum order for 20 guests:

Finger food A: $9.50 per person

Mix of Mini sweet and savory muffins
Club sandwiches with a variety of fillings –
Chicken, Ham, Beef, Cheese, Egg with crisp salad

Finger food B: $14.50 per person

Club sandwiches with a variety of fillings –
Meat / chicken / seafood / vegetarian with Crisp salad
Baby croissants with ham brie and cranberry; Vegetarian
Smoked salmon with citrus lemon cream on blinis with pink peppercorns
Lemon cream tartlets with lemon curd

Finger food C: $17.50 per person

Large rolls filled with a variety of fillings –
Beef, Chicken, ham, Vegetarian. All with crisp salad (tomato, cucumber, carrots
and sprouts).
Bacon, egg and pesto pies; Roasted vegetable and feta pies
Sweet, fresh fruit salad with shredded mint in noodle boxes.

Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegan : $20.00 per person

Gluten free/dairy free/vegan sandwich with hummus, relish, salad green and vegetables
Toasted nuts and dried fruit bag
Fresh fruit salad noodle box
Bliss Balls

Gluten Free/Vegetarian : $20.00 per person

Gluten free sandwich with cheese, GF relish, salad greens and vegetable
Vegetarian frittata
Fresh fruit salad in noddle box
Gluten free sweet

Canapés Platters:

Minimum order for 20 guests:
Bite size morsals designed to be eaten in one or two bites while holding a drink n the other hand.

Canapés Platter: $19.50 per person

Peppered Roast beef with horseradish cream, pesto on crostini
Smoked salmon and citrus cream cheese on blinis with pink peppercorns
Sweet chili king prawns mango cream in cocktail cases
Smoked chicken apple toasted walnut Waldorf tartlets
Crostini, cheese pesto and sun blush tomato

Sweet canapes : $12.50 per person

Lemon cream tartlets with lemon curd
Walnut and chocolate brownies
Banoffi shots with caramel and mascopone cream
Mini fruit kebabs

Gluten free/dairy free/vegetarian canapes  – $19.50 per person

Mini chicken skewer with sticky chili sauce (not vegetarian)
Hummus, caramelized onion marmalade tartlets
Sriracha deviled eggs
Roasted chickpeas
GF crostini with roasted peppers and capers

Gluten free sweet canapes – $14.80 per person

Mix of gluten free sweet bites
Mixed nuts and dried fruit
Mini fruit kebabs

Antipasto Platters:

Large platters feed up to 10-12 guests.

Deli platter: $133.50 per platter

Selection of continental meats / olives / sun blush tomato / pickled onion /
cheese / crackers and dips / bread and fruit

Bread and dips: $55.50 per platter

Selection of Breads, corn chips, hummus, pesto and Tomato Salsa

Gluten free – Deli Platter : $140 per platter

Selection of GF continental meats / olives / sun blush tomato / pickled onion /
cheese / GF relish/ GF crackers and dips / GF bread and fruit

bread platter platter kewpie (4)

BBQ Options:

Our BBQ menus are drop off only, all BBQ meats require cooking.
You have the option of –
D.I.Y cooking with additional surcharge $65.00  for use of BBQ  to cook your meats and clean provided by Kewpie staff.
Fully serviced @$150.00  with a Kewpie staff member cooking/clean up  on aboard for you.

Minimum order of 25 persons.

Disposable  plates and cutlery, napkins provided.
Meats ready to cook on BBQ*.
Salads ready to served in our disposable trays.

KIWI BBQ: $29.50 per person

Beef burgers
Marinated Chicken skewer
Tomato sauce, mayonnaise
Sliced bread
Fresh bakery burger buns
Tossed green salad
Red and white coleslaw
Penne pasta salad with mild curry dressing, baby spinach
Sunshine Rice salad

Gourmet BBQ : $36.50 per person

Rosemary and black pepper Scotch fillet steaks (GF, DF)
Sweet chili marinated King Prawn skewer (GF, DF)
Marinated Chicken tender skewer (GF, DF)
Tossed green salad with shaved parmesan, soft-boiled eggs,
Roasted vegetables and penne pasta salad with baby spinach
Thai noodle with shredded vegetable and soy chili dressing
Gourmet potato salad with loads of fresh herbs lemon zest and toasted seeds
Fresh bakery bread rolls and butter

Dietary requirements – BBQ

Got a specific dietary requirement – no problem, click on the dietary you require   and  will make sure those guests are catered for. 

BBQ Basics 

Extra platters lined with foil for cooked meats.
Salt and pepper sachets.
Mini oil bottle.
Disposable gloves for chef.
Paper towels.
Black bin liner for rubbish.

Christmas Buffet 

Buffet is ready to serve. All meats are cooked, served cold and sliced. 

Champagne ham with cranberry sauce
Roasted sirloin beef with horseradish cream and mustard
King prawn skewer with sweet chili sauce
Sage and lemon chicken drumsticks with apricot drizzle sauce

Summer Gourmet Potato salad with dill and lemon
tossed green salad with feta and salad vegetables
Thai noodle salad with crispy noodles
penne pasta salad with pesto and sunblush tomato dressing

Dessert Platters:

Minimum order for 20 guests:

Dessert Platter: $12:50 per person

Lemon cream tartlets with lemon curd and white chocolate drizzle
Walnut and chocolate brownies
Banoffi shots – Caramel and mascarpone cream with fresh banana
Mini fruit kebabs

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Looking for  something different …………contact us direct and we will create the perfect menu for your Kewpie Cruise.  –  belinda@lemongrasscatering.co.nz

Getting married on the Kewpie or Bay Explorer – ask about our fully serviced Menus from canapes, Fork food, Buffets, Platters, Family Style, Plated.