The perfect place to get married for you is a marquee wedding at the family home, backyard  or in the middle of a field.

No water, no power, no problem Lemongrass Catering are experienced working alfresco and with our clever chefs we are talented enough to create menus to suit your  day and venue.

Lemongrass Catering, Tauranga are a mobile out-caterer and while we want you to have exactly what you desire on your big day we do take into account the logistics of cooking alfresco with no facilities and design menus to suit the environment.

Contact us and  tell us about your big day, how many guests, the where, what and how, and we are happy to create a menu  just for you.

Canapés– circulated by staff, after ceremony

Smoked salmon, citrus cream cheese on blinis with dill and pink peppercorns
Peppered crusted roast beef, horseradish cream, rocket salsa on crostini
Thai pork balls with mango chutney in pastry cases (H)
Smoked chicken, apple and walnut waldorf tartlets
Baby beef burgers with apricot and capsicum relish (H)
(We automatically create GF and Vegetarian option for each canapé)


From the grill
Sirloin or scotch fillet  steaks with garlic butter herb butter (GF, DF – no butter )
King prawn skewers with sweet chili  and mango sauce  (GF – no sauce)
Lemon and thyme chicken tenderloins  with mint and lemon sour cream dressing  (GF, DF – no sauce)

Tossed green salad with fresh seasonal vegetables and French  vinaigrette (GF,DF,V)
Penne pasta salad with pesto and sun blush tomatoes with fresh rocket
Thai noodle salad with julienne vegetables and sesame and coriander dressing
Moroccan chickpea with roasted vegetables, baby spinach and cumin lemon dressing(GF, DF,V)
Red and white Asian coleslaw (GF,DF,V)
Gourmet potato salad with mild curry mayo, spinach, boiled eggs, toasted seeds (V)

Loads of fresh bakery bread, rolls and butters

(Wedding Cake – supplied by Bride)




Smoked chicken, walnut and apple tartlets
Mini American kransky hot dogs with yellow pickle relish (H)
Baby beef sliders with onion marmalade, rocket (H)
Thai pork  balls with Yellow Thai coconut dressing on spoons (H)
King prawn and chorizo skewer (H)

Selection of breads for table

Fresh bakery bread rolls and butter

Platters served to middle of table (8 guests per platter)
Dry rub marinated Scotch fillet steaks with horseradish cream and gremolata drizzle, roasted vegetables
Marinated lemon and herb chicken Thighs with sour cream herb dressing, orzo tzakihi salad

Bowls of salads
Roasted vegetable buglar wheat salad with pesto dressing

Raw summer salad with shredded carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, sprouts, and salad greens with balsamic herb vinaigrette

Chickpea and rice salad with honey roasted cumin carrots, rocket with tahini and lemon dressing

(Own Wedding Cake)

Dessert – bite size with napkins
(Own Wedding Cake)
Bite size lemon cream tartlets with blueberries
Banoffi shots
Chocolate and walnut brownies

Plated – Canapes, Starter, Main, Dessert 


Mini beef burgers with roasted capsicum and apricot relish(H)
Thai pork balls with mango cream tartlets(H)
Tomato and feta pesto bites on pastry rounds
Seared scallop, cauliflower puree, fried capers (H)

Starter – 50/50 alternative

French cutlet lamb lollipop with hummus and tabbouleh *

Poached red wine pear on crisp flaky pastry, blue cheese, toasted walnuts, red wine reduction

Main Course 

Chicken Breast  Escalope’s with feta and sun blush Greek salad and pesto sauce

Jerk seasoned pork steak with fresh pineapple and mint salsa

Bowls for the table:

Leafy green salad with honey balsamic dressing
Gourmet potato salad with light summer  lemon and dill dressing


Cookies and cream cheese cake with raspberry coulis

Chocolate and walnut brownies with Greek yoghurt and berry sauce



This menu is designed ready to serve. No staff is required. Pick up from the Lemongrass Kitchen  and all catering  is required to be under refridgeration until ready to serve.


Selection of our platters for guests to help them selves during the cocktail hour

Antipasta,  Bread & dips, Fresh fruit and cheese.

Buffet  – All cold ready to serve

Champagne ham – sliced  – with cranberry sauce and mustard
Roast sirloin beef  – sliced with horseradish cream
King prawn skewers with sweet chili sauce
Marinated chicken drumsticks with drizzle sauce

Potato Salad with loads of fresh herbs
Red and white coleslaw
Tossed green salad  with shaved Parmesan and boiled eggs
Roasted vegetable and Bulgar wheat salad

Fresh bakery bread, rolls and butter