The team at Tauranga’s Lemongrass Catering Company have delivered outstanding food at some memorable events over the years. But feeding the troops at the Academy Awards is really scaled up. The 2017 menu was developed by Eric Klein, executive chef for Wolfgang Puck and these are some of the numbers involved.

Imagine a party with 30lb of edible gold dust, 7,000 miniature chocolate Oscars, 30 gallons of cocktail sauce, 250lb of parmesan cheese, and 6,000 mini-brioche buns, 350lb of smoked salmon, 200lb of brussels sprouts, 3,600 eggs, and we mustn’t forget – five gallons of hot fudge. Not to mention 1,400 bottles of champagne.

7000 Chocolate Oscars - Catering at the Academy Awards















The catering menu included delicacies such as Moroccan spiced Wagyu short rib with parmesan funnel cake and taro-root shrimp tacos. There will be macarons and lava cakes with crème anglaise. There will be a sushi station and caramel cappuccino Oscar lollipops.

And there will be chef Puck’s version of chicken pot pie and macaroni cheese – Puck says the guests like familiarity. “A lot of them like comfort food. Perhaps they are nervous.”

In addition to all the guests, Puck feeds all the workers too, including the security, the waiters, and musicians – 3,000 people. But they still go to the farmer’s market because just like the team at Lemongrass Catering they get everything fresh. The shopping this year required 50 tractor trailers.

Puck says they are lucky to have access to great products that don’t need much done to them. We feel the same at the Lemongrass Catering Company. Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty is home to fantastic fresh produce which we always use. Let the team at Lemongrass deliver the best catering experience at your event, whether it’s a small boardroom lunch, a large wedding, or even a Hollywood-style awards night.