The latest trend is  Rehearsal Dinners the day before the Wedding. This is a great opportunity to have a very informal evening meal together with the New Families, friends and  long haul travel guests that are being there especially to be part of your big day.

Menus are created to be completely  different from your big day and you can choose from Elegant, Classic, Basic, Retro  styles  to complement your wedding day.

Rehearsal Dinners
While it may feel extravagant to have a rehearsal dinner, our experience  is this is the most wonderful evening as the Couples  really are  on a  natural high with excited expectation of what the next day has to offer……….at this point we are all praying from good weather !  Create the menu to suit your vision and  you can either have it fully serviced or DIY ,  or with drop off ready to cook…………..(the  men  folk really like to show off in front of the BBQ).

Menu available – Basic/ Gourmet BBQ, Finger food Platters, Ready to serve hot meats and salads.

Post Wedding Brunch
You will hardly believe that your feet has touched the ground in the last 48 hours, the last thing you want to do or  ask the Parents  to do is  to prepare  a  brunch to say goodbye to all  your   wedding party guests.   We have the perfect solution  with our hot and hearty grilled brunch menu, Finger  food platters,  Platters, Hot meats with salads ready to serve.

Menu available – Brunch finger food platters, Fully serviced cooked on site hot brunches, luncheon style catering.

Private Chef

Ask about our at home private dinning experience. Minimum 4 guests.  The ulitmate in stress free dinner parties with your own personal chef with  modern and innovative menus for three, foru  and five course menus.

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