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All Lemongrass  menus can be altered to suit.
We cater for all dietary requirements and like nothing better than being allowed to be creative so if you have a particular vision, theme or style for your wedding, we will create a  menu to suit.

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Some Menus may be subject to on site cooking facilities  available.

If you are having a marquee  wedding with no power, water or facilities, contact us, we have menus just for  you.


 Canapes and Buffet – Menu A


Mini Beef burgers with roast capsicum and apricot relish and greens (H)
Smoked Chicken, apple and walnut tarts
Brie and onion marmalade, thyme tartlets  (H)
Peppered roast  beef with  horseradish cream, rocket salsa on crostini
Thai pork ball with sticky sweet chili,  mango chutney cream  in mini pastry cases (H)

(We automatically create GF and vegetarian options for each canape selection )


Slow roasted champagne ham glazed with sherry, coarse grain mustard and honey
Cranberry sauce and mustard

Whole Roasted herb crusted Sirloin Beef

King prawn skewers with sweet chili and mango sauce
Lemon and thyme chicken tenderloin with yoghurt herb dressing

Hot gourmet baby potatoes with hollandaise sauce and fresh herbs

Tossed green salad with fresh seasonal vegetables and French  vinaigrette
Penne pasta salad with pesto and sun blush tomatoes with fresh rocket, and French beans
Thai noodle salad with Julienne vegetables and sesame and coriander dressing
Asian red and white coleslaw with sprouts , roasted peanuts and light asian dressing
Moroccan chickpeas and roasted vegetable salad with cumin lemon dressing

Fresh bakery bread rolls and butters


(Own Wedding Cake)

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All menus can be altered to suit.  Just ask us.

Canapes and Buffet – Menu B


Caramelized onion marmalade, goat’s cheese, and walnut tartlets (H)
Lemon and garlic hummus  with seared lamb and baby rocket
Watermelon and marinated feta with fresh mint
King prawn and chorizo  (H)
Thai pork balls with Yellow Thai coconut dressing on spoons (H)

Main Course

Scotch fillet steaks with grilled thyme tomatoes
Roasted Teriyaki Salmon loin with diced cucumber, spring onion, soy honey drizzle
Yoghurt and tandoori marinated chicken thighs with herb oil

Hot gourmet potatoes with hollandaise sauce and fresh herbs

Cos lettuce, Mesclum, tomato, cucumber, sliced red onion, shaved parmesan creamy dressing
Penne pasta with salami,  capers, roasted pepper, baby spinach and sun dried tomato pesto dressing
Bulghar wheat salad with chickpeas, feta, baby spinach, French green beans, Sango spouts
Asian noodle salad with lemongrass, chilli, coriander lime dressing with roasted peanuts

Fresh bakery bread, rolls and butter


(Own Wedding Cake)
Ask us about  Cupcakes and Cutting cake .

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Canapes and  Buffet – Menu C


Beef  kofta balls with yoghurt dipping sauce (H)
Fig and onion marmalade with whipped feta on crostini
Potato cakes , seared scallop, preserved lemon and herb aioli (H)
Beef, ale and wholegrain mustard mini pies (H)
Red chicken curry filo cup with kaffir lime gellie  (H)

Main course

Roast Pork with apple, onion and sage compote

Moroccan lamb tagine with dried apricots, toasted almonds and loads of fresh coriander drizzle yoghurt layered with lemon and herb cous cous

Mediterranean chicken escalope’s – marinated with oregano and lemon, served with pesto, black olive and basil leaf pasta

Mixed green leave with sage and lemon vinaigrette

Roasted pumpkin, feta, caramelized beetroot, spinach salad with tahini dressing

Warm gourmet potato salad with fried chorizo, onion, capsicum and lemon herb vingiregrette

Cumin and honey roasted carrots, barely salad with roasted grapes, marinated feta and pomegranates *

Fresh bakery breads, rolls and butter


(Own Wedding cake)



Canapes, Platter Entree, Buffet  – Menu D 


Roasted red pepper mousse with prosciutto in filo cases
Parmesan shortbread, sun blush tomato, pesto  and cheese
Prawn cocktail  on spoons

Entrée – Platters

Platters shared between guests in middle of tables

Apricot, spring onion, walnuts cream cheese ball rolled in loads of fresh herbs
Garlic butter
Selection of continental meats
Marinated Olives
Sun blush tomatoes and marinated feta
French bread and crackers

Main Course – buffet

Roasted Scotch Fillet  with  roasted capsicum and tomato salsa
Lemon and Oregano chicken tenderloins with pesto dressing
Spiced King prawns skewer with yoghurt and cucumber drizzle

Gourmet potatoes with lemon herb butter

Chickpea tabouli salad  with toasted cashews, parsley lemon tomato dressing
Caesar style salad with boiled eggs, shaved parmesan  croutons and creamy Caesar  dressing
Vietnamese noodle salad with  roasted peanuts, fried shallot loads of herbs and lime mint dressing
Brown rice and barley salad with summer vegetables and tahini dressing
Diced beetroot and  feta with  fresh baby  rocket


(Wedding cake)
Seasonal Fresh fruit platter


Kiwi Kai Buffet  menu


  The mini versions of New Zealand cuisine

Mum’s roast chicken and gravy baby pies
Grilled kransky sausages in rolls with chilli tomato sauce
Green lip mussels in half shell with flat leaf parsley and lemon dressing
Baby beef burgers with beetroot chutney
Fish n chips – Kumera rosti, grilled fish and homemade tartare sauce

Main course

Roasted lamb studded with rosemary and garlic with mint sauce
Roasted Sirlion  beef  with  horseradish and mustard
Prawn skewers lemon and  chili, and parsley

Gourmet potatoes with herb butter

Crisp green salad  with  condensed milk dressing  with loads of toasted seeds
Pasta salad  roasted kumera  and pumpkin, salami and
red pepper  sun blush tomato pesto dressing
Red and white coleslaw
Tabouli beetroot and feta salad


‘Jaffa’ brownies
Mini Pavlova with kiwi fruit and boysenberry coulis
Baby ‘Pineapple lump’ cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Fresh fruit platter


Simple Buffet



Fig and fennel sausage rolls (H)
Beef, red wine and thyme pies (H)
Marinated chicken skewers with satay dipping sauce
Bacon wrapped Potato cakes (H)
Beef sliders with garlic aioli (H)

Main Course

Roast Sirloin with red wine gravy
Marinated chicken Thighs (Boneless)
Prawn skewers with sweet chilli and mango sauce

Hot gourmet potato with herb butter
Seasonal vegetables

Tossed green salad with honey, mustard dressing
Red and white coleslaw
Pasta salad with mild curry dressing, dried apricot and baby spinach
Cous Cous salad with cucumber, tomato,  red onion, lemon, feta, rocket

Loads of fresh bakery bread, rolls and butter


(Own Wedding cake)


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Some Menus may be subject to on site cooking facilities  available.

If you are having a wedding with no power, water or faclities, contact us, we have menus just for  you.