Canapes are bite size morsels designed to be eaten in one or two mouthfuls with a drink in the other hand.  Canapes are best circulated around guests as they mix and mingle.

Whether you require  canapes for just  a couple of hours through to a continual feast over a number of hours we will have a canape menu  solution to suit. If you don’t see exactly what you are after  contact us and tell us what you would like.

Things to take in to account when ordering canapes –

What time of day are you serving canapes? – Really important to take into account the time of the party. Are your guests arriving at 3pm and departing at 5pm? Is is a simple after fives event  and home by 7 pm? Is your invite crossing over ‘dinner time’ , you may want to incorporate some finger food, or check out our Roast meats and salad bun bar.  If your party is starting at 7pm  with nibbles later in the evening , most people will have had something to eat prior. If however you are  inviting guests from 6 pm the chances  of them 1. Not eating because they think there is going to dinner provided   2.Ate at home, as they didn’t know there was going to be food .  Advise guests  on invite of what to expect.

Big night and big eaters? – We have some clever menus to sort  out hungry tums and be a responsible host.

Knowing all this information will help you decide on the best menu and how many you require.

 All canapes menus have a minimum of 20 guests 

Party Canapes  # 1

Smoked salmon, citrus cream cheese on blinis with pink peppercorns
Smoked chicken, apple, toasted walnut  tartlets
Roast beef with horseradish cream, pesto  on crostini
Parmesan shortbread, cheese, tomato and roasted capsicum pesto
King prawns with mango cream tartlets

$15.00 per person

ADD: Lemon cream tartlets with white chocolate truffle drizzle

$18.00 per person


Party Canapes #2

Ready to serve, all cold canapes

Mini cucumber and dill finger sandwiches
Parmesen shortbread, cheese, pesto , sunblush tomato
Smoked chicken, apple and walnut  tartlets
King prawn skewers with dipping sauce

$12.00 per person

Party canapes #3

Ready to serve, all cold canapes

Roast Beef, horseradish cream, pesto on crostini
Smoked salmon, citrus cream,  on blinis with pink peppercorns
King prawns , sticky sweet chilli, mango chutney tartlets
Thai chicken and toasted coconut tarts

$12.00 per person 

Party Canapes #4

Hot and Cold canapes – Hot require reheating *

Mini beef sliders with  lettuce, mayo and relish*
American kransky hot dogs with mustard and tomato sauce *
Thai pork balls with mango cream tartlets*
Roasted vegetable, feta and pesto tartlets*
Smoked salmon, citrus cream blinis with pink peppercorns

$16.00 per person 

Party canapes #5

Hot and cold canapes – hot requires reheating*

Moroccan chicken filo pies*
Turkish lamb tartlets with tzatiki*
Sushi with chicken, seafood , vegetarian fillings
Mini beef burgers with sticky sweet chili relish and cheese *
Brie and onion marmalade tartlets*
Prawn cocktail shots
Blinis with pesto cream, Sunblush tomato and shaved parmesan

$22.00 per person 

Canapes and Finger food combo

Ready to serve – hot requires re-heating*

Smoked salmon, citrus cream on blinis
Mini beef burgers, mayo, relish, lettuce*
Thai pork ball, mango cream tartlets*

Pork, fig and fennel cocktail sausage rolls*
Baby crossiants , ham, brie and cranberry
Beef, red wine and thyme savories
$21.00 per person 

Incorporate  Roast Meats and Salad bun bar to your canapes and finger food menus.


Nibble platters  

Presented on our custom black disposable Lemongrass trays – no return , no clean up.

platter kewpie (4)

 Antipasto platters

Selection of continental meats, dips, crackers, cheese, olives, sunblush tomato, feta , fresh fruit
$120.00  – feeds up to 10 guests 


bread platter

Bread and dips

Selection of breads with dips, hummus, olive oil and balsamic
$60.00 – feeds up to 10 guests 

Cheese and Fruit Platter


Cheese and fruit platter

Selection of cheeses, chutney , fresh fruit and crackers

$90.00 – feeds up to 10 guests