Christmas 2016

DIY / BBQ #1  

Minimum 30 guests / pp=per person

Lemon and thyme chicken tenderloins -2pp
Sausages with tomato sauce- 2pp
Beef burgers* with fresh bakery buns -1pp
King Prawn skewer with sweet chilli sauce -1pp

Fresh bakery bread and butter

Crisp tossed green salad with salad vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette
Gourmet potato salad with honey and coarse grain mustard dressing
Mediterranean pasta salad with shredded salami, red onion, peppers, black olives and pesto vinaigrette
Thai noodle salad with julienne vegetables and coriander sesame dressing

DIY – Salads ready to serve. Meat requires cooking on BBQ – $30.00 +gst  per person

*Beef burgers are quality ‘Frozen Angel Bay burgers’, add $1.50 pp. for handmade beef burgers 

DIY / BBQ #2

  minimum 30 guests

Scotch fillet steaks with garlic, herb butter  -1pp
King Prawn skewers with sweet chilli and mango sauce – 1pp
Marinated chicken tenderloins with yoghurt herb dressing – 2pp

Tossed green  ‘Greek’ salad with feta, cucumber, tomato, black olives, red onion s
Gourmet potatoes salad with mild curry dressing and baby spinach
Penne pasta salad with pesto, sun blush tomato with roasted vegetables and rocket
Thai noodle salad with julienne vegetable  and coriander sesame dressing

Fresh bakery bread rolls and butter

DIY – Salads ready to serve. Meat requires cooking.  – $30.00 + gst  per person

Roast Meats and Salad

minimum 30 guests

Champagne ham with cranberry sauce  and mustard
Herb roasted sirloin beef with horseradish cream
Prawn skewers with sweet chili sauce
Sage, orange and lemon chicken drumsticks 

Fresh bakery bread rolls and butter

Tossed green salad with fresh seasonal vegetables and French vinaigrette
Penne pasta salad with pesto and sun blush tomatoes with fresh rocket

Thai noodle salad with julienne vegetables and sesame and coriander dressing
Gourmet Potato salad with loads of fresh chopped herbs

DIY – Meat and Salads ready to serve or oven ready .   – $32.00 + GST per person

Roast Meats and Salad  # 2 

Minimum 15 guests 

Roast sirloin of beef with horseradish and mustard – (hot, sliced)
Sage and lemon chicken drumsticks (H)
King prawn skewers with sweet chilli and mango drizzle (H)
Baby gourmet potatoes with herb butter
Tossed green Caesar salad with boiled eggs, shaved parmesan, croutons, red cabbage, and creamy Caesar dressing
Penne pasta salad with fresh rocket and pesto, sun blush tomato dressing
Thai noodle salad with sesame and coriander dressing
Fresh bakery bread rolls and butters

$28.00 + gst per person 



 Smoked salmon, citrus cream on blinis with pink peppercorns
Peppered roast beef, horseradish cream, pesto on crostini
Smoked Chicken, apple, walnut  tartlets
Sweet chili king prawns, mango chutney, in cocktail cases
Parmesan shortbread, cheese, pesto and sun blush tomato

$14.00 + GST per person

Finger Food #1

 Beef, red wine and thyme pies*
Sage, onion and cranberry sausages rolls*
Baby croissants with ham, brie and cranberry
Club sandwiches with a variety of fillings
Smoked salmon with  citrus cream on blinis
Vanilla bean cupcakes with passionfruit frosting
$21.00 + gst per person

Finger food #2

 Roast chicken, sage and dried cranberry pies
Crusty rolls with shaved ham, cheddar cheese, ploughman’s pickle; Vegetarian
Chorizo, Pumpkin, feta and walnut savouries
Strawberries cream friands
Fresh fruit Platter
$18.00 + gst per person

Finger food #3

 50/50 – Roasted Beetroot, hummus, dukkha, baby spinach pita bread with side of raspberry vinaigrette and Chicken, brie, pesto, salad green wraps
Pork, dried apricot and chilli sausage rolls
Carrot and pecan muffins with maple cream frosting
Fresh fruit kebabs
$17.00 + gst per person

It’s beginning to sound alot like Christmas Picnic bag

Crusty rolls with Roast Chicken with cranberry and brie / Champagne ham with coarse grain mustard aioli with crisp lettuce, tomato, cucumber, julienne carrots, Alfa Alfa
Christmas pork pie with smoked chicken, cranberries and apricot
Christmas tossed green salad with red cabbage, asparagus, roasted kumara, toasted pecans, and kiwi condensed milk dressing on the side
Fresh fruit salad served in a noodle box Sweet

$23.00 + GST per person

Dinner Picnic Bags

Chicken /  Beef / Smoked Chicken / Vegetarian rolls with mesclum, tomato, cucumber, julienne carrots, Sango spouts and coriander
Bacon, Egg and Pesto slice; Roasted vegetable and feta slice
Chilli cheese savoury popcorn
Penne pasta and white bean pasta with lemon herb dressing / Gourmet potato salad with pesto and sun blush tomato and fresh rocket

 $23.00 + GST per person

Ploughman’s Picnic Box

Roasted beetroot, feta, super grain salad with salad leaves and maple balsamic vinaigrette.
Pate, Cranberry sauce and  crusty roll
Cheese and crackers
Luxury hummus topped with our luxury, Italian parsley, caper Fresh Grapes
Homemade scones with butter, jam and mascarpone cream

$26.00 + GST per person

Each guest has their own picnic bag/box. All food is individually wrapped. Napkins and cutlery provided.

We can cater for all dietary requirements.

Grazing  Platters

Minimum 40 guests

These platters are designed to be dotted around room, guests mix and mingle and graze.  
King prawn skewers with mango and sweet chilli sauce dressing with toasted sesame seeds
Sushi with a variety of fillings – chicken, seafood, vegetarian
Selection of dips with Ciabatta and Turkish bread dippers
Fruit and nut cheese ball with crackers and fresh fruit
Pate with Cranberry sauce, crackers and crostini
Seafood platter salmon, mussels, prawns, surimi, sauces, lemon wedges
Honey and soy chicken drumsticks
Bacon, egg and pesto bites

$35.00 + GST per person